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Mother Baby Bonding

Postpartum Care with our Midwifery Team

Midwives offer postpartum care from birth to six weeks postpartum. We offer 2 - 5 home visits in the first 7 - 10 days, as well as following up in the clinic at two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks postpartum.

We offer personalized 1:1 support as well as routine weight checks, breastfeeding support, feeding plans, referrals to community services, etc. This follow up can be especially beneficial to those who require more support.

Clients that can benefit from postpartum support include: new families to Canada, patients that are increased risk for anxiety and depression, hypertension in pregnancy, or those that had had difficult deliveries. 


If you are having a planned C-section or delivery with a doctor, we can provide you post op care and breast feeding support in a home setting. 

Our care is fully covered by MSP.  You do not need a referral. 


New clients can call our office directly at 604-859-4430 or visit our midwifery page and fill out the intake form.

We look forrward to meeting you!

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