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Midwifery Care


What is a midwife?

What is a Midwife?


Registered Midwives are skilled professionals in pregnancy and birth and specialize in providing safe, quality care to low-risk, healthy women and their newborns.  At Abbotsford Midwifery we have hospital privileges at Abbotsford Regional Hospital as well as access to medical services such as ultrasound and laboratory testing.


Midwives recognize birth as a significant, normal and healthy part of a woman's life.  Statistics on midwifery care indicate excellent maternal and infant outcomes including satisfaction with care and lower rates of medical interventions such as caesarean sections, forceps and epsiiotomies.


Registered Midwives have been regulated in BC since 1998 by the College of Midwives of BC.  All registered midwives at Abbotsford Midwifery have University Degrees in Midwifery and participate in ongoing continuing education, including regular emergency skills.

Why Choose  a Midwife? 

Prenatal visits last 30-45 minutes and provide opportunities to ask questions and develop a trusting relationship with your midwife.


We provide sensitive, continuous one-to-one care in labour and birth and respect choices in birth and the need for privacy.


We use traditional techniques to help you cope with labour, such as massage, relaxation, position changes, and hydrotherapy while still having access to medical options like epidurals for pain relief as needed.  Your midwife can help you discover and trust your body's innate, instinctive ability to give birth.

After birth, we will follow you and your newborn closely for up to 6 weeks.  Your midwife will also visit you in the home or hospital several times during the first week, helping with breastfeeding and ensuring your baby is gaining appropriate weight. Your doctor will resume care of you and your newborn after that.


Accountability, evidenced based care, and continuity of care are the guiding principles in the model governing midwifery care.  Registered midwives collaborate with other health care professionals such as Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Childbirth Educators and doulas to provide comprehensive and coordinated care.


Midwives consult with other professionals when circumstances warrant and transfer care to a physician as indicated in the practice guidelines produced by the College of Midwives of B.C.

Choice of Birthplace.

With hospital privileges, we can provide comprehensive care in both the hospital or home setting.  During pregnancy your midwife will discuss with you place of birth and help you decide which place is best for you and your baby.

Meet our Midwives

We are a team of four midwives working together to bring our clients excellent pregnancy, labour & delivery and postpartum care. 

Midwifery Intake Form

If you are currently prengnant and interested in midwifery care, please fill out the intake form. Our office will contact you within a week to let you know if we can accommodate you when you are due. 

If you are inquiring about having postpartum care only, please fill out the intake form. 

If you have any questions about midwifery care, feel free to call our clinic directly and speak with our office manager.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Midwifery Intake Form

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